About Me


Oh Hey! For the record, About Me pages make my knees sweat. It’s kind of like when someone says, “Tell me a little about yourself.” I never know what to say or where to start. But that alone tells you a bit about me.

Besides the fact that my name is Leslie and I love Jesus, here is what seems vital at the moment.

  1. I’m a 40 year old snowbird. I moved home to Tennessee a year ago to take care of my parents. My days are filled with making sure they have what they need and loving them well. Most of the year I spend my time taking care of their property-Green Pastures. But in the winter we fly away to this wondrous place called the Beach.

    circa 2010. Not the beach. This is Vermont.
  2. I think Green Pastures is pretty magical. I live in the house beside the house which is an old Homestead built during the depression. This place has more cozy nooks than I can count and I love everything about it.img_0405img_0384
  3. I’m a proud aunt to three not-so-littles. Let me warn you- I may gush more-than-a-little. I spent most of their lives living on an island and so to get to see them on a weekly basis feels like heaven.img_4366
  4. I am in the process of writing a novel and at the rate I’m going it will be ready in 100 years. But I am loving the challenge. And tapping into the creative part of my heart. I work with an amazing mentor to young writers named Nancy Rue. If that sounds intriguing…check her out here. 

So that’s a little bit about my life at the moment. It only took me four months to write.

Love, Love, Love,

The Girl Who Lives in My Head

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (sort of).

img_4699This card, given to me by Sandy MacPherson, says it all.