If My Life Were a Hallmark Movie

A few weeks ago I sent this text to a friend…

“If my life were a Hallmark movie, yesterday was day when the lead character learns the ropes of farm(ish) life from her dad. The montage would include her learning to drive a tractor. Red of course.  Pruning lilac, weigela and rose bushes. Dropping off loads of brush at the burn pile.  Wrestling a giant blackberry bush and losing. Giving the neighbors dog a bath. Said dog shaking off bath water in the kitchen. Laughing on the porch with her dad. Dad losing his balance and falling. Resetting dad’s dislocated pinky. Girl driving to town to grab dinner for the family and randomly running into her love interest where they banter and grab a quick drink.”

You read that right. I RESET MY DAD’S PINKY! FINGER. It was no longer parallel to his hand. It was perpendicular. And turning purple by the second. So I channelled my inner Doc Martin and yanked that bad boy back into the socket. (Side note: It had happened to him once before a few years ago. But I didn’t know that)

This is a genuine snap shot of my new life (minus the love interest and the grabbing the drink and all) But hey, if my life were a Hallmark movie there would definitely be a love interest. How do I know? I have watched EVERY SINGLE ONE curled up on the couch with my mom. That’s how we roll on Saturday nights here at Green Pastures. That and SEC football. And bull riding. And baseball. Throw me in the briar patch.

Just to catch you up: Four months ago I moved back home to Tennessee to take care of my parents. Indefinitely.

Due to some health issues, they needed a little (or a lot of) extra help, depending on the day. So I volunteered. Why? Because I love them. Because I watched them take care of their parents. Because I’m a homebody at heart and loved the idea of being back with my family. Because the Bible tells us to honor our parents. And because, honestly, I really like them. A lot.

Every day has been different. Unpredictable. Unprecedented.

At least for me.

Everyday has been filled with laughter. Grace. Adjustments and apologies.

Growing up I dreamed of caring for and nurturing a family of my own. God in his kindness has answered my prayer. Just a little more creatively then expected. And I am loving it.

But I’m not going to lie. There have been some growing pains.

Going from a full-time career to a full-time caregiver was a huge mental shift. I’ve had to redefine productive. Often. Upright, medicated and well-fed are the new #squadgoals.

In so many ways, this new season is giving me repeated opportunities to live out what the Lord has been teaching me over a lifetime. He’s so sweet like that. In fact, I feel like I am taking a final exam. “Ok Les. We’ve been learning and studying and walking through some big concepts. It’s time to put it all together and see what stuck.” Some days I get an A. Some days, I get another chance. Like the day I flicked my dad in the forehead at the Walmart check out line. Whoops. Try again.


I miss you guys. And getting to catch up over coffee. But life looks very different these days.  SO I’m going to work harder at writing more faithfully. So we can stay connected. I wish I could fly to you and sit face to face and we could have long meaningful conversations.

But I just tiptoed past my parents bedroom and I think they are up.

Time to make some coffee!!

I would love to know what the Lord is teaching you this season… drop a line in the comment box if you feel like it. 

Love, Love, Love,

The Girl Who Lives in My Head.

PS. This picture is from Engaging Father Christmas which is just one of the MANY Hallmark Christmas movies I can’t wait to see this season.

PPS. It it based on my friend Robin’s Christmas novella which you can check out here.

PPPS. She talks about what it was like for her book to become a movie in her book I like to call Ask for the Moon!!! but it’s really called “How my Book Became a Movie”. It is one of my favorite books because it fills me with hope. Not about writing or movies. But that God loves us, hears us and NOTHING is wasted in His Kingdom.